Bribery and corruption

2017 ResearchEdge: Bringing new ideas, evidence & research


In response to fast-moving insights from integrity research and practice, the Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum invites pioneers from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines to share their latest evidence and findings. Through poster sessions, participants are inspired to join the debate for mobilising integrity data to advance policy insights.

The poster sessions connect academic insights and evidence with policy-making. They highlight a selection of innovative research on integrity, anti-corruption and trade, resulting from a competitive Call for Papers by the OECD. Research covers topics such as gender and corruption, the blockchain technology, corruption risks in development, foreign bribery, undue influence, inclusive growth, etc.

See below the full list of topics covered with the authors that have been selected. Their papers and posters will be presented during the event and posted on this page afterwards.

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  • Offsets in public sector procurement: tools for economic development and innovation or avenues for corruption? (see also the poster)Fernanda Beraldi & Edwin Broecker

  • Applying Civil Law to Curb Corruption: A tool for Civil Society and Individuals (see also the poster)Mohamed Abdelsalam

  • Hidden agendas, social norms and why we need to re-think anti-corruption (see also the poster)Claudia Baez Camargo & Nikos Passas

  • India's 2016 demonetisation drive: A case study on innovation in anti-corruption policies, government communications and political integrity (see also the poster) Peter Beyes & Reema Bhattacharya

  • Reform in Public Service Delivery in Nepal: Demand or Supply Driven? (see also the poster) Prakash C. Bhattarai

  • A how-to toolkit on gender and corruption research (see also the poster) Nikita Blanes, Josette Bockelie, Angel Kharya, Ana Paula Nunes Lopes Garcia, José Ricardo Ortiz, Laëtitia Romain, Bérengère Sim,  Suvina Singal, Julie Vainqueur   

  • Accountablity in Complex Procurement Auction (see also the poster) Bernard Caillaud & Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky

  • Legitimacy building of anti-corruption agencies in five countries (see also the poster) Ethelbert Chinedu Nwokorie  & Olli-Pekka Viinamäki                              

  • Leveling the business playing field and improving victims' compensation, the case for a multilateral resolution of foreign bribery allegations (see also the poster) Elisabeth Danon

  • Does Technology Against Corruption Always Lead to Benefit? The Potential Risks and Challenges of the Blockchain Technology (see also the poster) - Kibum Kim & Taewon Kang

  • Engaging China in the fight against transnational bribery: “Operation Skynet” and the need for a European response (see also the poster) Bertram Lang

  • Evidence from the Global Informality Project (see also the poster) Alena Ledeneva

  • Codes of conduct for national parliaments and their role in promoting integrity: an assessment (see also the poster) Jacopo Leone

  • Improving Domestic Governance through International Investment Law: Should bilateral investment treaties learn from international anti-corruption conventions? (see also the poster) Stefan Mbiyavanga

  • Mitigating Corruption Risks in International Development Projects Funded by Multi-lateral Development Banks - Towards a Redefinition of Project Success (see also the poster) Sanjeev Narrainen

  • Explorations of Dyadic Dichotomies, Personality Orientations and Ethical-Moral Self in Cognitions of Corruption Acceptability among Undergraduates (see also the poster) Iboro F. A. Ottu, Anietie McMoses Umoren & David Okanandu Iloma

  • The impact of new EU conditionality on anti-corruption policies and practices in post-Soviet states (see also the poster) Nina Onopriychuk

  • Is This Payment Reportable? Global Standard for Payment Disclosure (see also the poster) Selva Ozelli & Roger Russell

  • Corruption in education: its impact on equity, productivity and growth and strategies to overcome it (paper not available; see the poster) Muriel Poisson

  • Cultures of change and versatile leaders: are they recipes for good governance and sustainability? (see also the poster) Geetha A Rubasundram

  • Lobby Regulation in Chile: a Pathway toward Reducing Inequality (see also the poster) Jorge Sahd K. & Cristian Valenzuela

  • Public Tools, Private Integrity: Shaping Exclusion Regimes to Motivate Business Integrity and Inclusive Growth (see also the poster) Brian Whisler & Raija Churchill

  • EU Party Funding: a pro-European instrument to support euroscepticism? (see also the poster) Wouter Wolfs


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