Practical information

How to join the webinars

We recommend downloading Zoom to your desktop (Learn more about downloading Zoom) so that you can make use of its full functionality (such as polling).

  • How do I join a Zoom webinar?

You can join a webinar by clicking the link that is included in your confirmation of registration email, or by going to and entering in the meeting ID. Learn more about joining a meeting. 

  • I canít hear anything, what should I do?

On most devices, you can join computer/device audio by clicking Join Audio, Join with Computer Audio, or Audio to access the audio settings. Learn more about connecting your audio.

  • How do I use Zoom on my PC or Mac?

After downloading Zoom, learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client.

  • How do I sign up for Zoom?

You can sign up for a free Zoom account at, but you donít have to sign up to join our webinar.

  • Audio isn't working on my mobile device.

Read tips on troubleshooting audio that isn't working on your iOS or Android device.

  • Will I be able to contribute to the discussion as a participant?

Yes, you will be able to send your questions in the chat box of the webinar, or submit them via social media using the hashtag #OECDintegrity. You will also have the opportunity to respond to polls during the webinar. However, participants will not be able to connect with their microphones or webcams.

Please stay courteous and respectful in your questions and comments.

  • Zoom is blocked on my computer - how can I join the webinar?

You can join using the telephone number that you can find in the confirmation e-mail. Dial the in-country number of your country (you will find the list of phone numbers in the confirmation email).

This will prompt you to enter the meeting ID provided in the email, followed by #.

You will then have to enter your participant ID provided in the email, followed by #.

Finally, you will have to enter the password provided in the email, followed by #.

This will allow you to join the webinar by phone. Read more here