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High-Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity


Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Delivers Recommendations for OECD

10/04/2017 - This document reproduces a report prepared by the High-Level Advisory Group which delivers recommendations on ways the OECD can strengthen its work on combating bribery and promoting integrity. The Secretary-General formally received this report and its recommendations during the 2017 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum.


The Role of the High-Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity

The OECD Secretary-General has invited anti-corruption thought leaders to form part of a High-Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity to the OECD. The Advisory Group will help the OECD to further increase its relevance and impact in the anti-corruption and integrity field and to build on its achievements to develop more effective ways to promote anti-corruption policies and integrity in the public and private sectors. 

The objectives of the Advisory Group are to:

  • identify policy gaps in the field of anti-corruption 
  • advise on strategies and methods to intensify the OECD efforts against corruption and make them more influential and effective

  • reflect on new initiatives that could have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the OECD’s tools

  • help identify existing implementation gaps in OECD legal tools

The creation of a High-Level Advisory Group was announced on the occasion of the 2015 OECD Integrity Forum. The Advisory Group delivered a Summary of Main Recommendations to the Secretary-General in March 2016 and the Recommendations and Full Report to the Secretary-General in March 2017.


Members of the High-Level Advisory Group 

The OECD Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity is composed of nine experts on anti-corruption and integrity from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and regions. Each member of the Advisory Group has a long and distinguished career and an international reputation in a related discipline. The members provide their advice to the Secretary-General independently, without any vested interests in the outcome.

  • Nancy Boswell (United States)

  • Peter Eigen (Germany)

  • Jorge Hage (Brazil)

  • Professor Takeyoshi Imai (Japan)

  • Daniel Kaufmann (Chile/United States)

  • Huguette Labelle (Canada)

  • Peter Solmssen (United States)

  • Dr. Tina Søreide (Norway)

  • Neville Tiffen (Australia)


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