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OECD Equity Market Review of Asia



Published on
27 November 2019


This review is a contribution to the OECD Capital Market Series.



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27/11/2019 - Asia is rapidly growing into the world’s largest stock market. In 2018, 51% of all equity capital raised through initial public offerings (IPOs) went to Asian companies. Today more than half of the world’s listed companies are from Asia. This development is reshaping global stock market in several ways: Households outside of Asia have increased their investments in Asian companies through pension funds, mutual funds and other intermediaries; it is increasingly common that listed companies are majority owned by the public sector or by other private companies; and smaller growth companies from Asia are using capital markets to raise money more extensively than smaller companies from the rest of the world.

This report provides a comprehensive and comparable analysis of world developments and the growing role of Asian capital markets since the mid-1990s. It focuses on primary equity markets, growth company listings, investment banking activities and ownership structure of publicly listed companies. It also contains a special chapter on how companies use foreign public equity markets to raise capital and to cross-list their shares.

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