Guidelines for multinational enterprises

Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility: Encouraging the Positive Contribution of Business to Environment


16 June 2004, Paris, France

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting for National Contact Points , the OECD held a Corporate Responsibility Roundtable on "Encouraging the Positive Contribution of Business to Environment through the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises".

The Roundtable was structured as follows:

  • Session I: A review of recent developments in current business practices toward the environment;
  • Session II: Dealing with environmental risk;
  • Session III: Corporate contributions to environmental policy.

The Roundtable was attended by recognised specialists in corporate environmental practices, representing the business community, trade unions, NGOs and academia, the National Contact Points and delegates of the OECD’s Environment Policy Committee and its Working Party.


  • Draft annotated agenda
  • Summary of the Discussion
  • Draft Summary of Background Report
  • Background Report
  • Overview of Corporate Environmental Management Practices

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