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Policy Framework for Investment: A Review of Good Practices



Date of publication
24 August 2006


The objective of the Policy Framework for Investment is to mobilise private investment that supports steady economic growth and sustainable development.  It thus aims to contribute to the prosperity of countries and their citizens as well as to support the fight against poverty. The Framework proposes a set of questions for governments to consider in ten policy fields identified in the Monterrey Consensus as critically important for improving the quality of a country’s environment for investment, including by small enterprises and foreign investors.  Its core purpose is to encourage policy makers to ask appropriate questions about their economy, their institutions and their policy settings in order to identify their priorities, to develop an effective set of policies and to evaluate progress.

This Review of Good Practices in OECD and non-OECD economies is published as a companion volume to the Framework and provides analytical background material on each of the ten chapters of the Framework.

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Text and implementation of the Policy Framework for Investment


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