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About the OECD Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Network

The OECD contributes to global thinking and international co-operation on investment promotion and facilitation through comparative analysis and experience sharing. In 2016, the OECD IPA Network was created under the auspices of the OECD Investment Committee to bring together senior investment promotion practitioners and facilitate peer-learning on issues of common interest.

The OECD IPA Network:

  • Brings together a community of like-minded practitioners to engage in discussions, exchanges and experience sharing.

  • Provides a platform for gathering, building and using knowledge and evidence-based analysis on investment promotion and related topics.

  • Engages with policy makers and IPAs from regions and countries outside of the OECD area.

The OECD IPA Network has established itself as an important forum for exchange and networking among practitioners from IPAs across the OECD area and beyond. The thematic discussions, which take place during annual meetings every October, advance collective understanding on issues of joint interest and facilitate exchanges on best practices.

The OECD IPA Network is chaired by Achim Hartig, Managing Director at Germany Trade and Invest, and closely advised by a Steering Group composed of the IPAs from Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany (chair), Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

2022 OECD IPA Meeting

 17 October 2022 Paris, France   Download the agenda


The 7th OECD IPA Network meeting focused on investment promotion for sustainable regional development. Senior investment promotion practitioners and policy makers from OECD and partner countries came together to share their experiences and discuss good practices.  

  • Session 1: Foreign Direct Investment in Support of Regional Development: Opportunities, Challenges and the Role of Investment Promotion & Facilitation (plenary session - public)

  • Session 2: The Role of Investment Promotion Agencies in Promoting Sustainable Regional Development: Strategies, Governance and Coordination Mechanisms (closed session - OECD IPAs)

  • Session 3: Strategic Prioritisation and Tools for Monitoring & Evaluation Addressing the Changing Global FDI Landscape: New Approaches (closed session - OECD IPAs).


Meeting summaries

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IPA documents

The geography of foreign investment in OECD member countries: How investment promotion agencies support regional development, 2022

How to Score: Measuring Sustainability in Investment Promotion, 2022

Investment Promotion and the Digital Economy: a Comparative Analysis of Investment Promotion Practices Across the OECD, 2021 Policy Note

Together or Apart: Investment Promotion Agencies’ Prioritisation and Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies for Sustainable Investment Promotion Across the OECD Countries, 2021 Policy Note

Strategic foresight for IPAS, 2020

IPAs in the time of COVID-19, 2020 | Japanese

Supporting investment climate reforms through IPA policy advocacy, 2019

Monitoring and Evaluation of IPAs: the guide for practitioners and policy makers, 2019

Towards an International Framework for Investment Facilitation, 2018


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Mapping of IPAs

The OECD has conducted a series of surveys of IPAs for OECD countries and different regions. These reports, based on responses to a comprehensive survey jointly designed with the Inter-American Development Bank, provide comparative evidence across agencies, categorise their profiles and explain existing trends and practices in investment promotion and facilitation.

Mapping of IPAs in OECD countries

Mapping of IPAs in Latin America and the Caribbean and OECD Countries

Mapping of IPAs in the Middle East and North Africa

Mapping of IPAs in Eurasia









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