Corporate governance

Conference on sustainable development in Myanmar


23 October 2013 – Rome, Italy

This event aimed to highlight the complex transformation taking place in Myanmar and analyse the challenges that the country is addressing in order to achieve strong, sustainable growth.

A highlight of the meeting was a technical panel on the economic and social aspects of investment in Myanmar, with a specific focus on the country's new investment law and its link to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These Guidelines aim to encourage and maximise the positive impact that MNEs can make to sustainable development and enduring social progress.

The Conference was organised by the Italian government, in collaboration with the OECD and the Osservatorio Asia.




Programme outline (pdf)

Speech by Prof. Dr. Roel Nieuwenkamp,
Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct (pdf)



OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Italy's National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines:

Osservatorio Asia:

OECD work on international investment

OECD work on international investment in Southeast Asia


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