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OECD work on Swedish capital markets


About the project

The OECD and the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute (SCGI) at the Stockholm University are co-operating on a multi-year project on Swedish capital markets. The work encompasses several different areas, including:

  • corporate governance
  • corporate law
  • financial regulation
  • financial economics
  • public policy

The main purpose of the project is to produce a series of publications describing and analysing different aspects of the Swedish capital markets, with the ultimate goal of developing an understanding of the drivers of their development. The final product will be a comprehensive review of the capital markets.

This project follows previous collaboration between the OECD and the SCGI on work related to the Swedish corporate bond market which culminated in two reports on The Swedish Corporate Bond Market and Bondholder Rights, published in 2022, and on The Swedish Corporate Bond Market: Challenges and Policy Recommendations, published in 2024.


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