Corporate governance principles

The Fifth Meeting of the South East Europe Corporate Governance Roundtable


The fifth meeting of the South East Europe Corporate Governance Roundtable took place in Ohrid, FYROM on 10-11 June 2004. The meeting focused on Tranparency and Disclosure: Implementation and Enforcement. The meeting was co-hosted by the Macedonian Corporate Governance Council, and sponsored by the Global Corporate Governance Forum and USAID.

Main Presentations

Session 1: The Revised OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and their Relevance for South East Europe
Mr. Milko Stimac, CEO, G17 Institut, Serbia & Montenegro

Session 2: Corporate Governance in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
"Recent Corporate Governance Reform in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" , by Professor Dr. Tito Belichanec, Professor, Faculty of Law in Skopje
Mr. Gregory Maassen, Head of the USAID Company Law Reform Project, Macedonia Corporate Governance and Company Law Project
Mr. Evgeni Zografski, CEO of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

Session 3: Recent Corporate Governance Developments in Romania
"The implementation of the recommendations of the OECD Report on Corporate Governance in Romania and the White Paper on Corporate Governance in South East Europe: Progress to date" , Ms. Angela Ene, General Manager, Ardyan Consulting and Ms. Galina Narcisa Fatu, Lawyer, Societate Civila de avocati - Bostina si Asociatii, Romania

Session 4: Recent Corporate Governance Developments in Bulgaria
"The implementation of the White Paper on Corporate Governance in South East Europe in Bulgaria: Progress to date" , by Mr. Stefan Petranov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Zlaten Lev Capital, Bulgaria and Iordan Tchompalov, Partner at Dimitrov, Tchompalov & Todorova Law Firm
Mr. Davorin Pavelic, Executive Director, Center for Competitiveness and Corporate Governance, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Session 5: Implementing and enforcing international standards for financial reporting and auditing
Mr. Zoran Djikanovic, Chairman, Securities Commission of Montenegro , and "Implemeting international standards for financial reporting and auditing" , by Mr. John Rieger, Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting, Association for Financial Professionals, USA
Mr. Hysen Cela, Executive Director, Institute of Independent Accounting, Albania
Ms. Verica Hadzivasileva Markovska, Partner, Ernst & Young, Skopje, Macedonia

Session 6: The board’s role in overseeing transparency and disclosure
"The Board's role in transparency and disclosure" , by Mr. Richard Frederick, Governance and Ethics Consultant, Spain
Mr. Vladimir Puskaric, Head of Internal Audit, Allianz Zagreb, Croatia

Session 7: Improving the disclosure of beneficial ownership and control
"How to identify benefcial owners"  , by Professor Panagiotis Alexakis, Chairman, Athens Stock Exchange
Mr. Nondas Metaxas, General Director, CEO, Cyprus Stock Exchange presentation  and Speech
Mr. Davor Bajuk, Legal Advisor, Central Depository Agency, Croatia

Session 8: Reporting related party transactions and potential conflicts of interest
"Disclosure and conflicts of interest" , by Mr. Vladimir Dasic, Attorney at Law, Bojovic & Dasic, Correspondent law practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Belgrade
Mr. Aril Seren, Senior Vice-Chairman, Istanbul Stock Exchange
Mr. Robert Strahota, Assistant Director, Office of International Affairs, United States Securities and Exchange Commission  

Background Papers