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Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets - Enforcement of Corporate Governance in Asia: The Unfinished Agenda





Over the past few years, most Asian jurisdictions have substantially revamped their laws, regulations and other corporate governance norms. In many cases, Asian rules now reflect the most developed thinking on established corporate governance systems. However, enforcement remains a significant challenge and “an unfinished agenda”. 

This publication offers a unique snapshot of how corporate governance is being enforced in Asia.  It provides policy makers, judges, investors, board members and stakeholders with cases studies and analysis that illustrate how regulators deal with enforcement in practice.

The articles compiled in this publication cover a number of important sub-themes. Kroeze looks at the pros and cons of setting up specialised business courts to deal with governance issues within Asia. Jung discusses co-operation between regulators and public prosecutors in Korea, and Hwang reviews the growing interest in Singapore for enlarging the role of arbitration in corporate law disputes. Finally, Mak, Lan and Buang present an enforcement case study that highlights director negligence.

All papers were presented and discussed at the Asian Corporate Governance Roundtable, a high-level policy forum that comprises Asian policy makers, regulators, stock exchanges, academics and private sector leaders, as well as international experts.

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