Corporate governance principles

2nd Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR), Bangkok, Thailand 16-17 December 2002


The Second Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR) took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 16 - 17 December 2002.
The Forum was organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), AusAid and the Asian Development Bank, in partnership with the World Bank and the Japanese government. Itwas hosted by the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Thailand.


Session 3: Proposals for Reform
Session 5: International Issues Arising in Informal Workouts
Session 6: The Techniques, Development, Benefits and Dangers of Informal Workouts. Are Workouts Working?
Session 7 : Bulk Sale of Non-Performing Loans and Assets, the Role of Asset Management Companies, RTC Type Bodies and Restructuring Funds, Special Purpose Vehicles and Securitisation
Session 8: Thailand Review: An Assessment of the Thai Insolvency System


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