Corporate governance principles

2011 Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable - Lima, Peru


29-30 November 2011 - Lima, Peru

The Latin American Roundtable on Corporate Governance met in Lima, Peru on 29-30 November 2011, bringing together policymakers, regulators, stock exchanges, corporate governance institutes and private sector stakeholders from 16 countries to consider ways to strengthen corporate governance policies and practices in the region.





Session 1: Peru Institutional Investors’ Task Force

  • Strengthening Latin American Corporate Governance – the role of Institucional Inverstors, Mrs. Annelie Beaumont
  • Strengthening the Role of Institutional Investors in Latin American Corporate Governance, Mr. Fernando Osorio

Session 2: Break-out group discussions

  • Corporate Governance, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and Good Practice Guidance, Mrs. Leah Ambler
  • The Role of Corporate Governance in Preventing Corruption, Mr. Marcos Bertin

Session 3: Corporate Governance enforcement: Preventing Abuse of Related Party Transactions

  • Survey report on Related Party Transactions, Mr. Mike Lubrano

Session 4: Stock exchanges as an engine for corporate governance improvements: Reaching out to non-listed companies

  • Bolsa de Valores de Lima, Mrs. Liliana Casafranca
  • Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, Mrs. Maria Jose Ramirez
  • BM&FBOVESPA, Mrs. Patricia Pellini
  • La Financiacion de la Pymes, Mr. Juan Munguira

Session 6: Enhancing board effectiveness: Board nomination/selection and evaluation

  • External Frameworks and Internal Practices in Latin America, Mr. Andreas Grimminger
  • Companies Circle Board Evaluation Working Group, Mrs. Giselia da Silva

Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises: Emerging Trends

  • Empresas de propiedad del Estado Peruano, Mr. Mario Gonzales
  • Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico, Mrs. Angela Caceres Duarte
  • Mesa Redonda Latinoamericana de Gobierno Corporativo de las Empresas de Propiedad Estatal, Mr. Alberto Bernal Torres


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