Corporate governance principles

1st Meeting of the Eurasian Corporate Governance Roundtable


19-20 October 2000

The Eurasian Corporate Governance Roundtable was launched in Kiev on 19-20 October 2000. Over 100 leading government and private sector representatives from Ukraine and other Eurasian countries, along with selected international counterparts, academics, international financial institutions and OECD member countries experts took part in the meeting, which was hosted by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. This first meeting served primarily to provide an overview of current corporate governance trends in the region, with a particular focus on Ukraine. The meeting was organised with the support of International Finance Corporation and the US Agency for International Development and sponsored by the Japanese Government, the World Bank-OECD Global Corporate Governance Forum, and the Canadian International Development Agency.

In order to attract domestic and international investors, Eurasian participants agreed that their legal framework needs to be consolidated and enforced.

Over the next 24-30 months, further meetings of the roundtable will be organised in Eurasian capitals. They will form part of a sustained global dialogue whose purpose is to improve the understanding of the role of corporate affairs policies in increasing the efficient allocation of resources in the economy as a whole. The next meeting will take place in Tibilisi, Georgia, in June 2001.

  • Agenda [ English / Russian  / Ukranian  ]
  • Background Note [ English / Russian  / Ukranian  ]
  • Synthesis Note
  • General Information on the Eurasian Corporate Governance Roundtable

Country Background Papers

  • The Corporate Governance Environment in Ukraine and its Impact on Corporate Performance and Finance, by Kostiantyn Shkurupiy, Ukrainian Institute for Reforms [English  / Russian  / Ukranian ]
  • The Legal Framework of Corporate Governance in Ukraine, by Natalia Kuznetsova, Chairman of civil law department, Shevchenko State University [English  / Russian  / Ukranian ]
  • Incorporating OECD Principles in Current Ukranian Legislation, by the IFC Ukraine Corporate Governance Project
  • The Rights of Shareholders [English / Ukranian ]
  • The Equitable Treatment of Shareholders [English / Ukranian ]
  • The Role of Stakeholders in Corporate Governance [English / Ukranian ]
  • Disclosure and Transparency [English / Ukranian ]
  • Responsibilities of the Board of Directors [English / Ukranian ]
  • Corporate Governance in Kazakhstan, by Raushan Raiskhanova, KIMEP Research Centre, Kazakhstan [English  / Russian ]
  • Corporate Governance in the Kyrgyz Republic, by the Kyrgyz Corporate Development Centre [English  / Russian  / Ukranian ]
  • Corporate Governance in Moldova, by IBTCI, Moldova [English / Russian ]

Conference Papers

  • The OECD Corporate Governance Principles and their Relevance to Transition Economies, by Stilpon Nestor, Takahiro Yasui, Marie-Laurence Guy, OECD [English  / Russian ]
  • The Protection and Equitable Treatment of Shareholders, by Hugh Patton, Olena Vasilchenko, Vitaliy Chiernenko, FMI [English  / Russian  / Ukranian ]
  • The State as a Shareholder, by Svitlana Ledomska, Deputy Head, State Property Fund, Ukraine
    [English  / Ukranian ]  Transparency and Disclosure - The Stepping Stones to Good Governance, by Mary Dolson, PwC Global, UK
  • Auditing and Accounting in Eurasia, by Alla Savchenko, President of the Eurasian Federation of Accountants and Auditors
    [English  / Russian ]
  • The Role of Stakeholders, by Olivier Frémond, Program Co-ordinator, Corporate Governance Unit, WB
  • Corporate Governance After Mass Privatisation: The Ukranian Perspective, by Aleksander Krakovsky, Prime Capital Securities, Ltd
    [English  / Russian  / Ukranian ]


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