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The OECD is currently examining the tremendous potential and corresponding challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) applications for business and finance. The 2021 edition of the OECD Business and Finance Outlook highlights the ways that AI is transforming market structures, business models and corporate behaviour, focusing on key policy areas such as finance, competition, responsible business conduct and security concerns related to foreign direct investment in AI. The report also examines the supervisory technology tools that can ensure regulatory oversight, detection and enforcement by governments in these areas. It puts forward priorities and recommendations for policy makers and market participants seeking to strike a balance between fostering innovation in AI while also mitigating associated risks to market stability and a level playing field.


Launch event

24 September 2021 | 3.15-5.00pm CEST

The virtual launch of the Outlook hosted a high-level discussion on what governments and businesses can and should be doing to foster the use of trustworthy AI applications in the financial sector. This event, which took place during the OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum, brought together senior representatives and thought leaders from government, business, civil society, academia, other international organisations and the media.

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Publication date 24 September 2021


How can AI innovators prepare for human rights due diligence legislation?

AI in finance: Is machine learning going to dominate the markets?

Does AI have a dark side when it comes to competition?

How can AI enhance market supervision and integrity?

What is the future of financial services and what role is AI playing?

What potential do AI and SupTech have for improving antitrust enforcement?


What are the main risks that financial institutions have identified when it comes to the use of AI tools and mechanisms?

What are smart contracts and will they have any impact on competition law?


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