Corporate governance

Advancing Women in Private Sector Leadership: A G20/OECD Review of Progress


28 April 2021 | 9.30-10.45 (CEST)Virtual Conference

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Keynote speech by Angel Gurría


Speech by Minister Bonetti


Speech by Gabriela Figueiredo Dias


Presentation by Tsukiko Tsukahara


Closing remarks by Nicolas Pinaud


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The event showcased the ongoing work of the G20 EMPOWER Alliance and the OECD Corporate Governance Committee to support the implementation of commitments to strengthen women’s leadership positions in the private sector.


This includes the recent report on Policies and Practices to Promote Women in Leadership Roles in the Private Sector, prepared by the OECD for the G20 EMPOWER Alliance.


The event also featured the findings in the forthcoming 2021 edition of the OECD Corporate Governance Factbook, which includes new data on OECD and G20 countries’ implementation of policies related to women’s participation on corporate boards and in senior management. This work contributes to the OECD’s and G20’s broader efforts to address COVID-19’s impact on gender equality and to ‘build back better’ toward a more equal and inclusive economy.


This event was organised in co-ordination with the Italian G20 presidency. It is part of the OECD’s March on Gender campaign and ongoing efforts to promote inclusive growth through greater gender equality.





march on gender 2021



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