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Towards a global certification framework for quality infrastructure investment: Private sector and civil society perspectives on the Blue Dot Network


4 June 2021



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4 June 2021 - Quality infrastructure investment based on international standards and best practices is vital to ensure that infrastructure delivers benefits for citizens, communities and end-users, and provides value-for money for governments. It is also crucial for mobilising private investment by ensuring that infrastructure projects prepared by governments are well-planned and managed, procured in an open and transparent manner, and consistent with best practices in terms of environmental and social safeguards and climate sustainability.


The Blue Dot Network is a new initiative founded by the United States, Australia and Japan to develop an internationally-recognised framework to assist countries in pursuing investments that maximise the positive economic, social, environmental and development impact of infrastructure. The OECD is drawing on its well-established expertise in this area to provide technical support for the development of this global certification framework.


As a first step in this collaborative process, the OECD has conducted a survey of private sector and civil society stakeholders to assess the demand for and the merits of a global certification framework as proposed by the Blue Dot Network. This highlights document contains the main findings from a forthcoming report which synthesises and analyses those stakeholder responses.


The forthcoming report assesses the appetite of respondents for a global certification framework and considers how the Blue Dot Network could best support private participation in infrastructure investment in low- and middle-income countries by exploring participants’ perceptions of the obstacles and risks. It also examines how the Blue Dot Network can promote the application of best-in-class standards and the integration of sustainability considerations into infrastructure investment and development activities. It will provide concrete inputs for the development of the global certification framework, ensuring that it meets the needs of government, private sector and civil society stakeholders from all regions of the world.


This highlights document will inform discussions at the inaugural meeting of the Blue Dot Network Executive Consultation Group on 7 June 2021.




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