Corporate governance

2014 Russian Corporate Governance Roundtable


19 November 2014 - Moscow, Russia


The 2014 annual meeting of the OECD Russia Corporate Governance Roundtable discussed the following key corporate governance challenges facing the Russian Federation:


  • Related party transactions: international best practices and the Russian landscape
  • Corporate governance and business integrity: key challenges for Russia
  • Reports on Corporate Governance Code compliance


The Roundtable was attended by high-level Russian and international stakeholders, including public authorities, regulators, investors, issuer companies, stock exchanges, among others.


Meeting documents

  • Agenda (English) (Russian)
  • Summary of proceedings (English)
  • 2014 Russian Corporate Governance Code (English) (Russian)
  • Anastasia Kossov and Dimitri Lovyrev (2014), Related Party Transactions: International Experience and Russian Challenges (English) (Russian)
  • Marcello Bianchi et al. (2014), Regulation and Self-Regulation of Related Party Transactions in Italy, ECGI Finance Working Paper No. 415 (English)
  • OECD (2014), Guide on Related Party Transactions in the MENA Region (English)
  • OECD (2012), Related Party Transactions and Minority Shareholder Rights (English)
  • OECD (2012), Latin American Roundtable on Related Party Transactions (English)
  • OECD (2009), Guide on Fighting Abusive Related Party Transactions in Asia (English)
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (English) (Russian)
  • OECD-UNODC-World Bank (2013) Anti-corruption, Ethics and Compliance Handbook for Business (English)
  • B20-G20 Partnership for Growth and Jobs. Recommendations from Business 20 (2013) (English)
  • Can Corporate Governance Codes Be Effective in Emerging Markets? – Insights from Turkey, India and Colombia, Anastasia Kossov, 2013 (English) (Russian)
  • European Corporate Governance Codes and their Effectiveness, Eddy Wymeersch, 2012 (English) (Russian)
  • Overview of monitoring reports of European corporate governance codes  (English)



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