Corporate governance

Workshop on SOEs in the Development Process


4 April 2014
OECD Conference Centre, Paris


Part of the OECD's work on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and inclusive growth, this workshop focused on learning lessons from the experience of developing countries aiming to emulate apparent success stories with using SOEs as part of the development process.


Discussions addressed the following questions:

  • Over the past decades, what role has been assigned to state interventionism in selected countries in the context of development strategies and industrial policy?
  • How has this role been implemented through corporate action, e.g. SOEs, publicly-owned development banks or special-purpose vehicles?   
  • What are the main conclusions regarding the feasibility of approaches?

Background papers presented by their authors shed light on experiences with using SOEs as agents of development in Asia; South Africa; Latin America; and, the Middle East and North Africa.


Representatives from governments, the private sector, trade unions, civil society and academia attended the workshop.

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Draft agenda


Managing state assets to achieve developmental goals: The case of Singapore and other countries in the region


Role of SOEs in India’s economic development


SOEs in Brazil: History and lessons


Evolution of SOEs in South Africa

SOEs in the Middle East and North Africa English | Arabic

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