The power of youth

The driving force for change after COVID-19

Power of youth stories

OECD Youthwise 2022

Focus on youth entrepreneurship


Youth Insights

Podcast (new)

COVID-19 and youth mental health

Youth employment

Equity in education 2021

OECD Youth Action Plan

Better youth policies

Youth and well-being


More Youth in numbers

Mental health and young people

Youth unemployment

MPs under 40

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Youth Policy Responses


The transition from education to work

> An opportunity to improve education systems around the world?

Personal development

> Investing in career guidance: Helping youth out of the COVID pandemic

Prospects for young people

> Can we avoid a “pandemic scar” on youth?

A crisis of opportunity

> Young people are our future: Let's help them make it a bright one

Training and skills

> Upskilling programmes for diverse learners can be a model for mainstream career readiness initiatives

Business for youth campaign

> A global campaign for youth

Youth entrepreneurship

> It's our duty to stand by the innovators of tomorrow

Inclusive growth

> Why governments should invest in young people during the recovery

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