The power of youth

The driving force for change after COVID-19

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Youth Insights

COVID-19 and youth mental health

Urban-rural divide

Youth employment

Equity in education 2021

OECD Youth Action Plan

Better youth policies

More Youth resources

Youth in numbers

Youth unemployment

MPs under 40

Youth Policy Responses


The transition from education to work

> An opportunity to improve education systems around the world?

Personal development

> Investing in career guidance: Helping youth out of the COVID pandemic

Prospects for young people

> Can we avoid a “pandemic scar” on youth?

A crisis of opportunity

> Young people are our future: Let's help them make it a bright one

Training and skills

> Upskilling programmes for diverse learners can be a model for mainstream career readiness initiatives

Business for youth campaign

> A global campaign for youth

Youth entrepreneurship

> It's our duty to stand by the innovators of tomorrow

Inclusive growth

> Why governments should invest in young people during the recovery

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