Equity in education

The foundation for a more resilient future

Equity in Education × Social Mobility

OECD Education and Skills Ministerial 2022

#1 Why equity matters: learning gaps at age five

#2 How does pre-primary education make a difference?

#3 Which other factors could help close the gap?

#4 How can a more dynamic education system help learners throughout their lives?

#5 How do governments allocate public spending on education?

Education Policy Outlook 2022

Improving early equity

Value for money in school education

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Social mobility

Additional resources

The Inclusion of LGBTQI+ students across education systems

Learning (in) Indigenous languages

Deep trouble: What impact is the energy crisis having on learning to swim?

Building the future of education

The social and economic rationale of inclusive education

Trends Shaping Education 2022

Education at a Glance 2022

What does the future of learning look like for youth?

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