Global economy

Restoring pre-pandemic growth is at the top of governments’ to-do lists

15/07/2021 PNG

COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities and inequalities across the board that are reshaping the roles of administrations worldwide. Nearly half of governments surveyed report restoring pre-pandemic growth levels as their top priority, in tandem with protecting the vulnerable, as they build green and resilient societies to prepare for potential future shocks.

Getting people back into work and putting firms on a sound footing are top priorities for governments around the world.

Governments need to lead the way in streamlining climate goals in their broader economic objectives.

Promoting digitalisation was a priority cited by some governments looking to enhance adaptability and competitiveness. Improving capacity for remote working and making public services accessible online would add a source of resilience in case of future crises.

Young people were the hardest hit by rises in unemployment during the pandemic and were dissatisfied by public services in employment and housing. Although youth did not make the top-three priorities list, most OECD countries have a national youth strategy or action plan in place to ensure their concerns are central in the recovery strategy.

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