High-Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy


23 January 2023  OECD Conference Centre, Paris 


On 23 January 2023, the OECD Competition Division held a High-Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy with the OECD Directorates of Trade and Agriculture (TAD) and Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The event gathered nearly 200 senior policymaking invitees from Ministries, Regulators and Members of Parliament to reflect on the question how to attain both economic growth and the green transition, and how competition policy can contribute to this objective.

With panels including senior policymakers and economists from several policy communities, the Symposium discussed the relevance of the role of competition policy in the context of a sustainable economic recovery as part of a whole-of-government approach.

Whilst to attain the much needed virtuous circle of innovation, technology diffusion and economies of scale leading to the sustainable economic recovery and green transition with large economy-wide gains, pro-competitive measures need to be welded seamlessly into trade, industrial, environmental, innovation and regulatory policies. In this context, and while it may be recognised that state support measures may be needed for certain public goods and can serve to kick-start investments that otherwise might not be made (for instance in clean tech) the discussion also tackled the role that well-functioning open markets may have to deliver the constant flow of innovation investments and their sustained and efficient deployment at scale, leading to increased productivity and economic growth.




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High-Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy




Daron Acemoglu Bio 
Professor, MIT

Frédéric Jenny Bio 
Competition Committee Chair, OECD
Cristina Caffarra Bio  
Managing Partner and Head of Keystone
  Kerri-Ann Jones Bio
OECD Deputy Secretary General 
Diane Coyle Bio  
Bennett Professor of Public Policy, University of Cambridge
Margarida Matos Rosa Bio  
Chair of the Portuguese Competition Authority

Carmine Di Noia Bio  
Director, Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD

julia-reinaud Julia Reinaud Bio  
Vice-President of Breakthrough Energy
Kelly Sims Gallagher Bio  
Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy, Tufts University
  John Van Reenen Bio  
LSE Ronald Coase School Professor and Digital Fellow, MIT

Pablo Hevia-Koch Bio  
Head of Unit, Renewable Integration and Secure Electricity, International Energy Agency

  Sabine Weyand Bio 
Director General of Trade of the European Commission

Marion Jansen Bio  
Director, Trade and Agriculture, OECD

  Andrew Wyckoff Bio  
Director, Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD
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