2013 Global Forum on Competition


28 February & 1 March 2013Paris

The 12th meeting of the OECD Global Forum on Competition took place in Paris, France on 28 February-1 March 2013.

Discussions focused on:

Competition and Poverty Reduction
  Television and Broadcasting   International Co-operation OECD/ICN Survey




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Opening session

Opening Remarks by Mr. Richard Boucher, OECD Deputy Secretary-General

Keynote Speech by Mr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, UNCTAD Secretary-General

Introductory Comments by Mr. Frédéric Jenny, Chairman of the Competition Committee


Session 1. Competition and Poverty Reduction

This full day session built on discussions first held at the 2012 OECD-IDB Latin American Competition Forum on how competition can help lower the prices of essential goods and services for the poor and what competition authorities can do to help.  The session also examined how competition policy can help reduce poverty by stimulating employment, innovation and growth. The session was based around plenary discussions with a series of presentations from, and exchanges with, a panel of experts and country representatives. It also drew on the country experiences as detailed in the country contributions.


  • Eleanor FOX (Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law, United States)

  • Cécile FRUMAN (Manager, Private Participation in Infrastructure /Social Services, The World Bank Group)
  • David LEWIS (Executive Director, Corruption Watch, South Africa)

  • Susie LONIE (Mobile Payments Consultant, SJL Consulting Services Ltd, United Kingdom)

  • Hassan QAQAYA (Head, Competition Law and Consumer Policies Branch, International Trade Division, UNCTAD)

  • Alan WINTERS (Professor of Economics, University of Sussex, United Kingdom)


Session closing Remarks by Mr. Ángel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General


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Session 2. Competition Issues in Television and Broadcasting

This session considered policy responses and regulatory challenges in the television and broadcasting industry.  Broadcasting lies at the intersection of both media and telecommunications, and therefore shares regulatory and competition issues with both. The on-going convergence of traditional broadcasting with new media poses new challenges for developing and developed countries alike.


  • Allan FELS (Professor of Government and Director International Advanced Leadership Programs, Australia and New Zealand School of Government) 

  • Agustín DÍAZ PINÉS (Economist, Information, Communications and Consumer Policy Division, OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry)

  • David HYMAN (General Counsel, Netflix)

  • Christophe ROY (Deputy General Counsel, Distribution and Competition, Canal+ Group)


Session 3. Key Findings of the OECD/ICN Survey on International Enforcement Co-operation

This session considered key findings from the OECD Secretariat report on the OECD/ICN questionnaire on international co-operation that was launched last summer. This session was an opportunity for delegations to discuss the status of international co-operation and possible ways forward for a more effective and efficient enforcement system at an international level. And in 2013, as a result of this session, OECD/ICN Survey on International Competition Enforcement Co-operation was published. 


  • Antonio CAPOBIANCO (Principal Administrator, OECD Competition Division) and Alessandra TONAZZI (Senior Competition Expert, OECD Competition Division) [Presentation]

  • Philip COLLINS (Chairman, Office of Fair Trading, United Kingdom, and OECD/ICN Co-ordinator) [Presentation]

  • Eleanor FOX (Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law, United States) [Presentation]


2013 Session Documentation 

Executive Summary of the Report by the Secretariat [EN] [FR]

Report by the Secretariat

OECD-ICN Questionnaire on International Enforcement Co-operation


Final Session. Other business and proposals for future work


‌‌Panel at the GFC 2013 Opening Session
Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher adressing delegates during the opening session
GFC 2013 - Delegates 2

‌Some of the 400 delegates representing over 100 delegations
GFC 2013 - Delegates
Forum participants
GFC 2013 - Closing - Gurria and Jenny
Secretary-General Angel Gurria delivers closing remarks for the Roundtable on Competition and Poverty Reduction
GFC 2013 - Closing - Poverty Reduction Panel
Panelists at the Competition and Poverty Reduction Session
Participants at the 2013 Global Forum on Competition
Forum participants




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