Fighting bid rigging in the procurement of public works in Argentina



2019 Fighting Bid Rigging Public Works in Argentina





19 November 2019 - Argentina’s competition authority (Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia) partnered with the OECD to step up its fight against bid rigging and boost competition for public works. 

During the process, the OECD assessed the main rules governing procurement of public works in Argentina at the federal level as well as procurement practices of major federal buyers of public works (such as the Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing, the Ministry of Transport and the National Directorate for Roads).

This report presents the main findings and provides recommendations to design competitive procurement and fight bid rigging in accordance with international good practices.


‌Bid rigging in public tenders involves firms conspiring to raise prices or lower the quality of their bids. It is an illegal anti-competitive practice which costs governments and taxpayers billions of dollars every year across the world.

A significant share of cartel enforcement in many OECD countries concerns bids rigging cases, showing that there is both an increased awareness of the importance of stopping collusive practices, as well as that there is still room to improve compliance with competition rules in public procurement and ensure that the public sector buys the right thing, at the right price.  

The OECD Recommendation and Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement were designed to reduce the risks of bid rigging through careful design of the procurement process and to help detect bid rigging conspiracies.

From 2018 to 2019, the OECD examined the main rules governing procurement of public works in Argentina,  assessing rules and practices against the OECD Recommendation for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement, and providing recommendations for action. 

Besides the report, the OECD provided the government with:  

  • a training manual on fighting bid rigging for procurement officials
  • workshops for senior public procurement officials on preventing and detecting bid rigging. 

Project stages

The OECD project team has:


Analysed Argentina’s procurement laws and regulations, and the institutional setting for the procurement of public works at the federal level.


Interviewed national stakeholders to collect facts and insights.


Identified good practices on fighting bid rigging from other jurisdictions.


Recommended legal and practical improvements.


Provided capacity building in preventing and detecting bid rigging.


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