Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy


 3 June 2019  OECD Conference Centre, Paris 


» PODCAST: European Commission anti-trust chief Margrethe Vestager met with Clara Young following the conference to discuss the bigger picture of digital competition.

While the advent of the digital economy has generated new opportunities around the globe, it has also given rise to certain challenges for policymakers. One such challenge is developing the right approach to promoting and protecting competition in digital markets, which has been identified as a priority for the 2019 G7 French Presidency.

With a view to informing the G7 Finance Ministers’ discussions on these issues, this event promoted an exchange of views and experience between policy makers, academics and competition authorities. To support the G7’s discussions, the Autorité de la concurrence, the OECD, Banque de France and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance organised a high-level Conference on Competition and the Digital Economy.

» Download the special address from Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, France (in French)

» Read the special address from Margrethe Vestager, European Commisser for Competition

» Download the Co-chairs' summary of the Conference

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The discussions were dedicated to: 

  • Data and competition
  • Digital innovation and competition
  • Regulatory challenges for competition policy


OECD Conference Centre



Enquiries relating to this event can be addressed to Angelique Servin.


Agenda and Speakers

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 Reiko Aoki bio pic Reiko Aoki  [Bio] ‌ 
Commissioner, Japan Fair Trade Commission
 Johannes Laitenberger bio pic Johannes Laitenberger [Bio]
Director-General of the Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP), European Commission
  Caron Beaton-Wells [Bio] ‌ 
Professor, Competition Law, Melbourne School of Law
 Gabriella Muscolo bio pic

Gabriella Muscolo [Bio] 
Commissioner, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM)

 comp-Matthew Boswell bio pic

Matthew Boswell [Bio] ‌ 
Commissioner of Competition, Competition Bureau Canada

 Andreas Mundt pic bio

Andreas Mundt [Bio] 
President, the Bundeskartellamt, Germany

 Andrea Coscelli bio pic Andrea Coscelli [Bio]  
Chief Executive, Competition and Markets Authority, United Kingdom
 Noah Phillips bio pic Noah Phillips [Bio]  
Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission, United States
 Ariel Ezrachi bio pic Ariel Ezrachi [Bio]  
Slaughter and May Professor of Competition Law, University of Oxford
 Carl Shapiro bio pic Carl Shapiro [Bio] 
Professor, Department of Economics, University of California Berkeley
 Andrew Finch_bio_pic

Andrew Finch [Bio] 
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division, Department of Justice, United States


Hal R. Varian [Bio] 
Chief Economist, Google

Sylvie Goulard bio pic

Sylvie Goulard [Bio] 
Deputy Governor, Banque de France

 Achim Wambach bio pic

Achim Wambach  [Bio] 
Chairman of the German Monopolies Commission, President of ZEW Leibniz-Centre for Economic Research


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