Seminar: Beyond the crisis - Returning to sustainable growth in Latin America, 24 November 2010


This seminar brings together policy makers from Latin America and economists from academia, international organisations and the private sector to discuss policies that would help Latin American countries to strengthen their growth potential. The OECD intends thus to establish a policy dialogue with the region beyond its own membership. The discussions will be based on the methodologies that the OECD has used successfully for decades to benchmark and evaluate economic policies of its member countries, including peer review. The seminar is under the tutelage of the OECD’s Economic Development and Review Committee, which oversees its well-known Economic Surveys.



Mr. Andrew Dean, Director of Country Studies, OECD Economics Department will lead through the day

08h45            Registration

09h30           Opening Session

                    Keynote Speech  Remark

                    Mr. Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary-General

10h00         I.  Strengthening long-term growth in Argentina,


Mr. Pier Carlo Padoan, Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Economist, OECD Economics Department


Mr. Daniel Artana, Chief Economist, FIEL
Background paper: Strenghthening long-term growth in Argentina by D. Artana, E. Bour, J.L. Bour and N. Susmel

Background presentation


Mr. Hernán Lorenzino, Secretary of Finance, Argentina


Ms. Nora Lustig, Professor, Tulane University

Redistributive Policies and Fiscal Sustainability Comments on Background paper

11h00         II.  Strengthening long-term growth in Brazil


Mr. Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Senior Economist and Head of the Americas Desk, OECD Development Centre


Mr. Regis Bonelli,Senior Economist, Brazilian Institute of Economics
Background paper: Strengthening long-term growth in Brazil and Presentation


Ms. Annabelle Mourougane, Senior Economist, OECD  Economics Department

Comments on Background paper


Mr. Gerardo Zuniga, Deputy Manager of International Monetary Affairs, Central Bank of Mexico

12h00         III.  Reducing volatility to strengthen long-run growth in Mexico


Mr. Patrick Lenain, Head of Division, OECD Economics Department


Mr. Cyrille Schwellnus, Economist, OECD Economics Department and

Ms. Nicola Brandt, Senior Economist, OECD Economics Department

Presentation: Reducing Output Volatility in Mexico: Macroeconomic and Structural Policies


Mr. Wagner Thomaz de Aquino-Guerra Júnior, Head of the International Affairs Department - Central Bank of Brazil


Mr. Hernando Vargas, Chief Economist, Central Bank of Colombia

Comments on Presentation

13h00 - 15h00   Lunch – Strengthening long-term growth in Colombia (by invitation only)

Ms. Piritta Sorsa, Head of Division, OECD Economic Department


Ms. Natalia Salazar, Subdirectora, Fedesarrollo, Colombia
Presentation: Colombia: Achievements of the last few years and challenges for the future also in Spanish: Colombia: logros de los últimos años y retos para el futuro

Ms. Maria Paola Figueroa, Principal Economist, BBVA Research, Colombia

Presentation: Columbia: Potential and Challenges for Future Growth

15h00         IV. Strengthening Chile’s long-term growth potential


Mr. Robert Ford, Deputy Director of Country Studies, OECD Economics Department


Mr. Rodrigo Álvarez Zenteno, Under Secretary of Finance, Chile

Presentation: Strengthening Chile’s long-term growth potential: Challenges and Perspectives


Mr. Miguel Messmacher, Chief Economist, Ministry of Finance, Mexico

Comments on Presentation


Mrs. Katherine Hennings, Senior Adviser to the Board, Central Bank of Brazil

16h00         V.  Round table on public finances for sustainable growth in
                         Latin America

Introduction and Moderation    Mr. Alejandro Werner, Instituto de la Empresa, Spain;

Presentation: Fiscal Policy in Latin America: Old problems and new challenges

Panel members

Mr. José Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, Under Secretary of Finance, Mexico

Presentation: Public Finances for Sustainable Growth in Mexico

Mr. Júlio Alexandre da Silva, Deputy Secretary, Economic Policy, Brazil

Presentation: Returning to Sustainable Growth in Latin America

Mr. Hernán Lorenzino, Secretary of Finance, Argentina

Mr. Rodrigo Suescun, Under Secretary of Finance, Colombia

Presentation: Fiscal Policy and Growth in Latin America and the Colombian case

Ms. Teresa Ter Minassian, Senior Consultant with the Inter-American Development Bank

Presentation: Promoting Sustained growth in Latin America through fiscal policy

17h30          Conclusions


Mr. José Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, Under Secretary of Finance, Mexico


Cocktail - Room Roger Ockrent


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Practical information

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