Higher education and research in the Bío Bío Region


Higher education institutions (HEIs)

There are 38 HEIs in the region:

  • 4 public universities
  • 12 private universities
  • 12 professional institutes
  • 10 technical vocational institutions

80 267 students are enrolled in 553 higher education programmes. 72% of the students study at a university and 28% are enrolled at a non-university institution in the Bío Bío region.


Public universities

The University of Concepcion enrols 36% of the students in the region. It is the largest HEI region with 21 000 students.


Private universities


National private universities which have their main campuses in Santiago and satellites in the Bío Bío region include



Research institutes outside higher education institutions

  • Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), Quilamapu
  • Institute for Forestry (INFOR)
  • Institute for the Advancement of Fishery (IFOP, infomation in Spanish)  
  • Marine Research Institute (INPESCA, information in Spanish)  
  • Bioforest (forestry)


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