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President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, ratifies new Framework Law for Foreign Investment | Español

16 June 2015 - This law is designed to help Chile attract more and better investment. President Bachelet emphasized that "this legal and institutional framework is a true opportunity for Chile to attract the best projects associated with greater productivity, greater innovation, greater diversification and value added”.

To support the implementation of the new law, Chile is revamping its investment promotion agency based on OECD recommendations, which now has the "powers required for its work [to] put [Chile] on a better footing to compete with the 170 national agencies that seek to attract foreign capital from the rest of the world”, as stated by Jorge Pizarro, CIEChile.


Chile's Foreign Investment Committee (CIEChile) ‌and the OECD are partnering to increase Chile's ability to attract more and better investment by focusing on CIEChile's strategy and structure as an investment promotion agency.

As part of the country's productivity agenda, the task of CIEChile is to attract productive investment in strategic economic sectors and regions where it is most needed. Work with the OECD will focus on revamping Chile's approach to investment attraction policy, and will build on policies that have already proven successful in other countries around the world.

Working with a high-level transversal committee which advises CIEChile, the OECD has created a workplan and implementation strategy, and will work with the Chilean government throughout 2015 towards its implementation.

Project timeline 

Aug/Sept 2014 Research and analysis
Sept/Oct 2014 The OECD meets with high-level transversal commission in Chile to advise on the country's new investment promotion strategy
Oct/Dec 2014

Preparation of draft strategy report

Dec 2014 Draft strategy report presented and discussed with the OECD Investment Committee and representatives from OECD Investment Promotion Agencies
Jan 2015 Recommendations of the high-level transversal commission drawing on OECD’s strategy report presented to the Chilean government | Informe en español
Mar 2015 Final report published
Q2 2015 Discussions in Chilean parliament on a new bill to frame Chile’s investment promotion strategy
16 June 2015 President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, enacts new Framework Law for Foreign Investment | News release


Strengthening Chile's Investment Promotion Strategy (pdf)

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CIEChile press release about the project
, 27 May 2014



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