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A joint initiative of the OECD Directorate for Education and the Mexican Ministry of Education, Secretaría de Educación Pública - SEP, aiming to improve the quality of education in Mexico.


"The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers."



McKinsey and Company, 2007


Mexican Minister of Education Alonso Lujambio and OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría, OECD Headquarters, 6 October 2009



In 2008 the Government of Mexico and the OECD signed the Co-operation Agreement for Improving School Education in Mexican Schools, a two-year programme focusing on innovative and effective policy reforms. The five main areas where the OECD is developing policy advice for Mexico as part of the co-operation agreement are: (i) School management and Social Participation; (ii) Teacher Selection and Recruitment; (iii) Teacher Education and Training; (iv) Teacher Incentives and Stimuli, and (v) Evaluation.



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Publications and documents

Presentation of the results


Video Series: “Improving Education in Mexico”

Mexico has participated in every cycle of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) since 2000. Inspired by PISA 2009 results and in the context of the cooperation agreement with Mexico, a video series entitled “Improving Education in Mexico” has been developed. The series consists of five short video segments (5 to 6 minutes), available in English and Spanish, that cover the following themes




International Comparisons


Comparaciones internacionales


Learning to Learn


Aprendiendo a aprender




Los docentes


Leadership and Community


Liderazgo y comunidad


Challenges and opportunities


Retos y oportunidades



Improving Schools: Strategies for Action in Mexico
(in Spanish with English subtitles)

This video presents some of the OECD recommendations to Mexico to improve the quality of education in Mexican schools. This video was created with the help of the Federal Administration for Educational Services of the Federal District. All images were filmed in the educational centres where legal authorization for this purpose was granted.



Mejorar las escuelas: Estrategias para la acción en México

Este video presenta algunas de las recomendaciones de la OCDE para México para mejorar la calidad de la educación en las escuelas mexicanas. Este video fue realizado con el apoyo de la Administración Federal de Servicios Educativos del Distrito Federal. Todas las imágenes fueron filmadas en centros educativos donde se cuenta con la autorización legal para este efecto.



Buenos maestros, buenos alumnos
Alejandro Gomez Palma, analista de educación de la OCDE, habla sobre el estudio Evaluación y reconocimiento de la calidad de los docentes: Prácticas internacionales que propone modelos de evaluación de los docentes como herramienta para mejorar el rendimiento estudiantil. (Interview in Spanish)


Better teachers, better students
Teachers get report cards too, but often lack the feedback, support and incentives that their students get. Michael Davidson, a senior analyst at the OECD, compares practices and programmes across countries, based on the report Evaluating and Rewarding the Quality of Teachers: International Practices. (Interview in English)

Improving School Leadership: The Toolkit


This Toolkit is a professional development tool designed to help policy makers, practitioners and relevant stakeholders to analyse their current school leadership policies and practices and develop a common understanding of how to take action based on the OECD Improving School Leadership policy recommendations.


Mejorar el liderazgo escolar: herramientas de trabajo


Estas herramientas de trabajo constituyen un instrumento de formación profesional para ayudar a los responsables de política educativa, los maestros y los grupos interesados pertinentes a analizar sus políticas y prácticas de liderazgo escolar actuales y desarrollar una comprensión común de cuándo tomar acción con base en las recomendaciones de política de la OCDE.

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