Roles and responsibilities


Ownership of the GHSTS lies with OECD. The responsibility for monitoring updates to the following elements of the GHSTS lie with the OECD Expert Group of the Electronic Exchange of Pesticide Data, under the supervision of the OECD Working Party on Pesticides:

  • GHSTS XSD (the structure definition of the GHSTS XML backbone)
  • Common Components (XSD)
  • GHSTS Format Specification
  • OECD XSLT based transformation kit (component to support the creation of an easily human-readable view of the contents and metadata of a GHSTS electronic package)
  • Table of Contents (ToC) XSD (XML schema for the definition of a dossier numbering system)
  • Picklist values essential to the GHSTS Specification and independent from the regulated domain for a submission.

The OECD makes available the OECD pesticide dossier numbering systems (also known as the Table of Contents [ToC]) in XML format.

Regulatory authorities have the responsibility to make their national/regional dossier numbering systems available in XML format based on XML schema to the OECD, if they choose to have it available for GHSTS electronic packages. The OECD will make these ToCs available on this website.


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