Archived GHSTS components


Outdated versions of the GHSTS components are made available below.

GHSTS items  Release Package 1: GHSTS v1.0.0 Release Package 2: GHSTS v2.0.0
 Format specification ghsts_01-00-00.pdf (Version 01.00.00; 1 800 KB; May 2014) ghsts_02-00-00.pdf (Version 02.00.00; 4 199 KB; July 2019)
 Overview diagram of the GHSTS Schema definition ghsts_01-00-00.png (Version 01.00.00; 155 KB; May 2014) ghsts_02-00-00.png (Version 02.00.00; 409 KB; July 2019): Overview diagram of the GHSTS Schema definition
 Schema definition (XSD) ghsts_01-00-00.xsd (Version 01.00.00; 64 KB; May 2014)

ghsts_02-00-00.xsd (Version 02.00.00; 69 KB; July 2019)

Common Components XSD Not relevant for v1

CommonComponents_02-00-00.xsd (Version 02.00.00; 6 KB; July 2019)

 Picklist XSD ghsts-picklists.xsd  (Version 01.00.00; 148 KB; May 2014) Not relevant for v2
 Overview diagram of the ToC Schema definition toc_01-00-00.png (May 2014) toc_02-00-00.png (Version 02.00.00; 19 KB); Overview diagram of the ToC Schema definition)
 Table of Contents schema definition (ToC) XSD toc_01-00-00.xsd (May 2014) toc_02-00-00.xsd (Version 02.00.00; 5 KB); Table of Contents (ToC) XSD)
Supporting components    
 OECD Chemical Plant Protection Products ToC TOC_OECD PPP 2005_01.00.02.xml (version 01.00.00; 378 KB) TOC_OECD PPP 01.01.00.xml (version 01.01.00; 319 KB); OECD Chemical Plant Protection Products 
Canadian Data Code (PMRA DACO ToC) (French version)  TOC_PMRA DACO FR_01.00.00.xml (version 01.00.00; 220 KB)   
 Canadian Data Code (PMRA DACO ToC) (English version) TOC_PMRA DACO EN_01.00.00.xml (version 01.00.00; 214 KB)  
 GHSTS Desktop Viewer and GHSTS Sample Dossier  Made freely available on an external website ( by CropLife Europe to support the GHSTS. These are not OECD products*.  


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