Assessment of chemicals

Work Sharing Arrangements


In working towards the mutual acceptance of notifications the Clearing House has developed a multilateral notification arrangement, termed the ‘Parallel Process’. This process enables companies to declare to all affected countries at the time of first notification that it wants them to cooperate, share information and build on the efforts of the country where it will first initiate manufacture or import of the chemical. The hazard assessment was developed by the ‘lead’ jurisdiction and then utilised by other participating jurisdictions.

The Parallel Process was first introduced as a pilot phase in 2005, which enabled it to be tested and evaluated. The process is now in the operational phase and guidance on the procedures have been developed based on lessons learnt during the pilot phase.

The group was working to further the enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the process by including more jurisdictions and companies, and developing further guidance on the development of a data package.

Each government agency that has agreed to participate in the work sharing arrangements of the Parallel Process has signed a “Modus Operandi.” Under this agreement, the government agency has also agreed that no Confidential Business Information (CBI) of the notifier for the notified substance will be disclosed to the public without the consent of the notifier for the notified substance except in conformity with the laws of the participating country. The signed Modus Operandi  are:


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