Assessment of chemicals

Common approaches for notification


As a foundation for establishing common approaches the group has developed key definitions that apply to groups of chemicals that could be subject to reduced notification requirements and to exemptions and exclusions.


The criteria for categorising a polymer as ‘low concern’ was identified as an area in which harmonisation would benefit both industry and governments. A comparison of the approaches in different jurisdictions was undertaken, as well as an analysis of the correlation between polymer characteristics and the potential for health or ecotoxicological concern.


The Clearing House initiated a work sharing project in 2012 to identify and assess candidate substances for the lists of approved polyester reactants that delineates those polyesters qualifying as “polymers of low concern” under US TSCA, Canada CEPA and Australia NICNAS jurisdictions. Under this project, a company(ies) could submit a dossier of information/test data to multiple jurisdictions to support the nomination of a chemical substance for consideration for addition to the lists of approved polyester reactants used in individual jurisdictions

Each government agency that has agreed to participate in this work sharing arrangement has signed a “Modus Operandi.”  Under this agreement, the government agency had also agreed that no Confidential Business Information (CBI) in the submitted dossiers will be disclosed to the public without the consent of the submitter of the information except in conformity with the laws of the participating agency.  The signed Modus Operandi  are:

Australia NICNAS
United States EPA


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