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Overview of Risk Reduction Approaches

The Netherlands addresses certain PFASs under EU regulation. For these initiatives see European Union actions.

Within the context of REACH, the EU regulation on chemicals management, the Netherlands together with Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden agreed early 2020 to prepare a joint REACH restriction proposal to limit the risk to the environment and human health from the manufacture and use of a wide range of PFASs. The scope of this proposal will be determind in 2020, using information from stakeholders received by a ‘Call-for Evidence’ after which the restriction proposal (Annex XV dossier) will be prepared in 2021. Once the proposal for a restriction is submitted (2022), it will move to ECHA’s scientific committees for opinion making and forwarding it to the European Commission (within one year). The EC will prepare a decision for the EU Member States to vote on. After adoption and scrutinised by the European Parliament and Council, the rectriction is expected to enter into force in 2025.

PFAS in soil: The concentration of especially PFOS and PFOA in Dutch soils exceeded the strict national standards which resulted in a restriction of the management and reuse of soil and sediments and consequently in the pausing of dredging and building activities in 2019 in the Netherlands. To resolve this, the Dutch government has taken actions to reduce emissions of PFAS to the environment. For the short term, a framework of standards and a perspective for action was set to, on the one hand do not pose risks to health and the environment and, on the other hand, allow for the coninuaton of the majority of soil management, dredging and construction activities. RIVM provided input for this framework e.g. by deriving temporary background values for PFOS and PFOA in Dutch soil. The work on this regulatory framework for PFAS in soil is continuing in 2020.


Key publications from public authorities 

Publications available in English:

In addition, research on various PFAS related topics have been reported in Dutch, e.g. on PFASs in vegetable gardens, soil, surface water, drinking water and blood, and on human and environmental risks. See the reports on PFAS, PFOA and GenX. For any questions on the Dutch reports or the PFAS related activities of RIVM, please contact



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