Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Physical Chemical Properties


Series on Testing and Assessment No.330, Series on Biocides No. 16 - Guidance Document for Flammability Testing of Plant Protection and Biocidal Products.

This document provides guidance and practical advice for applicants on the requirements for flammability testing of biocides and agricultural pesticides/plant protection products in various OECD jurisdictions.


Series on Testing and Assessment, No. 223, series on Biocides No. 10: Guidance Document for Storage stability testing of plant protection and biocidal products - Guidance used in support of pre-registration data requirements for plant protection and biocidal end-use products

This guidance document describes the general storage stability requirements and procedures relied upon when verifying a period of product stability and package integrity for plant protection products and biocidal products.

Series on Testing and Assessment No. 204, series on Biocides No. 9: Guidance Document for Single Laboratory Validation of Quantitative Analytical Methods – Guidance Used in Support of Pre-and-Post-Registration Data Requirements for Plant Protection and Biocidal Products

This document describes the procedure for single laboratory validation (accuracy, precision and specificity) of the quantitative analytical methods used for confirmation of the identity, purity and stability of target analytes in technical materials and preparations/ formulations of pesticidal products.




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