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New, updated and corrected OECD Test Guidelines for the testing of chemicals – 26 September 2014


OECD Test Guidelines are a collection of the most relevant internationally agreed test methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories to determine the safety of chemicals and chemical preparations, including pesticides and industrial chemicals. They are covered by the OECD system of Mutual Acceptance of Data. 

On 26 September 2014, the OECD Council adopted three new, five updated and one corrected OECD Test Guidelines for the testing of chemicals.


New Test Guidelines

Section 2: Effects on Biotic Systems

238 Sediment-free Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity Test
239 Water-sediment Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity Test

Section 4: Health Effects

489 In vivo Mammalian Alkaline Comet Assay


Updated Test Guidelines

Section 4: Health Effects

431 In vitro skin corrosion (Human Skin Model Test)
473 In vitro Mammalian Chromosomal Aberration Test
474 In vivo Mammalian Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test
475 In vivo Mammalian Bone Marrow Chromosomal Aberration Test
487 In vitro Mammalian Cell Micronucleus Test


Corrected Test Guidelines

Section 3: Accumulation and Degradation

310 Ready Biodegradation- CO2 in sealed vessels (Headspace test)



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