Safety of manufactured nanomaterials

Testing Programme of Manufactured Nanomaterials - Dossiers and Endpoints


DISCLAIMER: The dossiers found on this website are for information only and are not to be used as a reference, standard or validation regarding the safety of specific nanomaterials. The dossiers contained within this site were chosen to show the efficacy and accuracy of standard test guidelines and was not intended for use in the determination of risks associated with the use or application of nanomaterials. The data contained within these dossiers is raw data and has not been evaluated by either the programme sponsors or the WPMN. Any conclusions found within the these dossiers are the responsibility of the researchers who made them.

Dossiers contained on this website are formatted in the International Uniform Chemical Information Database (IUCLID) style to aid in the comparison with non-nanomaterial specific testing requirements. IUCLID is a software programme for the administration of data on chemical substances, originally developed to fulfil requirements in the European Union (EU) for the evaluation and control of the risks of existing chemical substances.


If you know the specific Manufactured Nanomaterial you are look for, please refer to the “links” below to see the full range of documents available including Annexes and Additional Information to Dossiers.


Titanium dioxide (NM100-NM105)  


If you are looking for a specific Endpoint study, or chemical test, please refer to the Endpoint Finder excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet identifies which endpoint studies have been conducted for each Manufactured Nanomaterial. The spreadsheet also identified the total number of studies conducted as part of the Testing Programme.

N.B. For the sake of completeness, the spreadsheet identifies all of the endpoints available in IUCLID.  Not all of the IUCLID endpoints were addressed in the Testing Programme, nor were they intended to be addressed.




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