Chemical safety and biosafety


Customisation Opportunities of IUCLID for the Management of Chemical Data

The IUCLID (International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database) can be customised to manage chemical data in different contexts and is a platform employing globally harmonised data elements pertinent to chemicals. The version 6 of IUCLID software released in 2016 allows for greater customisation of IUCLID and for extension and integration with other tools. For example, the standard IUCLID data elements can be extended to capture specific information for specific legislative data needs before they are added to the OHTs. This document describes four main elements related to the customisation of IUCLID including how the IUCLID format can be configured and customised, the main IUCLID features and add-ons, integration with other systems and development of alternative user interfaces. The document also outlines how customisation of these different elements requires different expertise and resources. It incorporates user stories regarding customisation of and data migration to IUCLID from ECHA, Australia, and Canada. Following an update of the IUCLID 6 software, a second edition of the report was released in June 2021 to reflect the most recent features and processes.

Published on February 07, 2019

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