Workshop on Tourism as a Catalyst for Regional Development


 12-13 December 2019  Vienna, Austria

What's the issue?

There is an enduring policy commitment by many governments to use tourism as an agent for positive change for regional development and encouraging the active engagement of local communities in tourism. Such policies can help spread the benefits of tourism away from capitals, historic destinations and coastal areas to lesser developed often rural communities. The workshop will look at the impacts of tourism on regions, the role of coordinated governance frameworks, and the global trends that will shape the future of tourism in regional contexts.

Why attend?

An International Workshop on Tourism as a Catalyst for Regional Development will take place in Vienna, Austria, on 12-13 December 2019. Ulrike RAUCH-KESCHMANN, Director General of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and Alain DUPEYRAS, Head of the OECD Regional Development and Tourism Division will open the meeting.

The workshop will bring together tourism and regional policy makers, international institutions, and representatives from industry and academia, to discuss

  • Tourism as a catalyst for sustainable growth;
  • Multi-level governance for regional tourism development;
  • Global trends and future key issues, and the potential implications for destinations.

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