Global Forum on Tourism Statistics


Through the biennial Global Forum on Tourism Statistics (formerly International Forum on Tourism Statistics), the OECD and Eurostat provide a unique platform for the regular exchange of views and experiences on developments in tourism statistics.

The forum discusses major technical issues concerning the establishment of harmonised tourism statistics in an environment that strengthens co-operation between governments from Member and Partner countries, the private sector, researchers, academics and international organisations. 

Past editions

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15th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics 

28-30 November 2018, Cusco, Peru


  • Regional and sub-national tourism statistics
  • Macro-economic measurement dimension of tourism
  • Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability of tourism
  • Innovative sources and methods
  • Measuring the activities and the impact of the sharing economy

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14th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics 

23-25 November 2016, Venice, Italy


  • Innovation in sources and methods
  • Measuring the sharing economy
  • Tourism, culture and creative industries
  • Dimensions of sustainable tourism
  • Economic dimension of tourism

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13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics 

17-18 November 2014, Nara, Japan


  • Measurement and economic analysis of regional tourism
  • Analysis of demand-side behaviour and consumption
  • Using big data for tourism statistics
  • Utilising tourism statistics for business and policy analysis

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12th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics 

15-16 May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic


  • New technologies: a revolution in data sources and data collection methods?
  • Registers: the cornerstone of a high quality system of statistics
  • Measurement of economic importance of tourism, tourism industries, employment
  • Quality of tourism – competitiveness, sustainability, seasonality

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11th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics 

14-16 November 2012, Reykjavík, Iceland 


  • Seasonality in Tourism
  • Tourism Statistics in the 21st Century
  • How To Use Tourism Statistics And Tsa For Business Decisions And Policy Making
  • effects of external shocks on tourism and on tourism statistics
  • coherence and comparability of tourism statistics

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10th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

22-23 November 2010, Lisbon, Portugal


  • New trends in tourism and their statistical coverage
  • Sustainable and competitive tourism
  • Macroeconomic statistics on tourism
  • How do new technologies stimulate new data collection methodologies?
  • Measurement issues in tourism statistics and how to deal with them

9th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

21-22 Novemver 2008, Paris, France


  • Changes in tourism behavior and demand.The behavior and performance of enterprises in the tourism sector.
  • Selected measurement issues related to visitor surveys.
  • New approaches to data collection from the supply side.
  • Advanced usage of tourism statistics.

8th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

14-16 November 2006, Caceres, Spain


  • Business Tourism,
  • Employment in the tourism industry
  • Residential tourism
  • Territorial approach
  • Tourism Satellite Accounts

7th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

9-11 June 2004, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Tourism Satellite Account
  • Consumer Surveys
  • New statistical methods
  • Sustainable development in tourism
  • Information society and tourism statistics (input and output solutions)

6th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

25-27 September 2002, Budapest, Hungary


  • Statistical harmonisation, reliability, timeliness and international comparability
  • Economic role and importance of tourism in national economies
  • Statistical measurement of the effect of governmental activities
  • Statistical observation of domestic tourism demand
  • Tourism and employment
  • Tourism profile and behaviour
  • Impact of information society on tourism
  • Leisure time and tourism
  • Spa tourism
  • Conference tourism in different countries and regions
  • Universities, colleges and tourism

5th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

19-23 June 2000, Glasgow, United Kingdom


  • Research and methodology 
  • Statistical information needs for tourism and the tourism small firm 
  • Regional tourism and local tourism information needs 
  • Sustainable tourism 
  • Tourism profiles and behaviour 
  • Introduction of the Euro  

4th International Forum on Tourism Statistics

17-19 June 1998, Copenhagen, Denmark

3rd International Forum on Tourism Statistics

26-28 June 1996, Sintra, Portugal

2nd International Forum on Tourism Statistics

1995, Venice, Italy

1st International Forum on Tourism Statistics

1994, Vienna, Austria


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