OECD Tourism Committee


Since 1948, the OECD Tourism Committee analyses and monitors policies and structural changes affecting the development of domestic and international tourism.

The Committee provides policy-makers with concrete analysis of key challenges and policy responses that will shape tourism in the years to come. The Committee actively promotes an integrated, whole-of-government approach linking tourism to policies such as economy, investment, transport, trade, inclusive growth, employment, innovation, green growth, local development, SMEs and entrepreneurship. The Committee also supports work on tourism policy performance and evaluation through its tourism policy reviews.

The Committee is expanding its global reach by co-operating closely with Partner countries and by deepening its engagement with the private sector. The aim is to more effectively share knowledge and good practices and contribute to shape global debates on tourism. The Committee has a strategic partnership with the European Commission, and has a long-standing history of co-operation with other organisations such as the World Tourism Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Office and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Examples of projects which have benefited from international co-operation include the Tourism Satellite Account, the travel and visa facilitation agenda, the 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme and the work on supporting quality jobs in tourism.



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