OECD-INADEM workshop on women entrepreneurs


21 February 2018   Hotel Camino Real, Mexico City  2.30 PM

Organised jointly by the OECD and INADEM, this interactive workshop on women’s entrepreneurship will include an expert panel discussion and a policy hack. An international expert panel will explore the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs through a moderated discussion, with time allotted for questions and discussion with the audience. 



The policy hack will bring together participants in small groups to identify a tangible solution to specific policy challenges. Each table will select a policy challenge from the options provided, and identify and briefly describe a measure that could be introduced by policy makers or other stakeholders. The table would select one person to “pitch” the proposed policy solution in 3 minutes to the expert panel and other participants. The expert panel will provide feedback on each proposed idea and select their favourite three ideas. 





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Key issues

Key issues to be covered include

  • digitalisation
  • access to finance 
  • internationalisation


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  • Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary General, OECD  
  • Ms. Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa for the G20 
  • Ms. Maria Constanza Riveros, CEO of NUMA, Mexico
  • Ms. Yesim Sevig, Secretary General, KAGIDER, Turkey
  • Ms. Victoria Grand, Director of Policy Programs, Facebook
  • Ms. Ileana Rogel, President CONAMYPE, El Salvador
  • Ms. Adriana Tortajada, Director, Venture Capital and Mezzanine, Fondo de Fondos
  • Ms. Paige Fetzer, Director for Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, Dell
  • Ms. Rocio Ruiz Chavez, Vice Minister for Competitiveness, Ministry of Economy, Mexico
  • Mr. Juan Francisco Aguilar, Head of DELL Mexico
  • Ms. Natalia Villalpando, Director General, CREA
  • Ms. Maria Elena Estavillo Flores, Commissioner, Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute


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