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Webinar: Bridging SME Sustainability Data and Reporting Gaps: What data do banks need? 

 20 February 2023  13:00-14:30 CET Zoom  


  • What's the issue?

As governments move to accelerate the transition to net zero, financial institutions are facing mandatory sustainability reporting requirements, reflecting not only the sustainability impacts of the banks’ own operations (e.g. emissions related to energy consumption of banks’ physical premises, transport of employees, etc.) but also the sustainability performance of their financed portfolios, including their SME clients. To meet these requirements, banks will need to obtain relevant data on their clients’ sustainability performance. Banks will also need these data to integrate sustainability considerations into investment decisions and to steer and monitor the performance of their financing and investment portfolios. However, few SMEs currently measure and report on their sustainability performance, and most SMEs have limited resources and capacities to undertake such reporting. Ensuring SMEs’ continued access to bank financing will therefore require finding user-friendly and inexpensive solutions to these challenges, in order to collect sufficient information to meet banks’ needs without overburdening small businesses.


  • Why attend this event?

This webinar will explore the sustainability-related data needs of financial institutions and emerging innovative approaches to address those needs with respect to their SME clients. Discussions will centre on several key questions:

  • How is the regulatory environment shaping reporting requirements for SMEs?
  • What are the key sustainability-related data gaps that banks face vis-à-vis their SME clients, and what approaches are they taking to fill these gaps?
  • What support and tools can banks and other actors offer to SMEs to help them report on their environmental performance?



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For more information, please contact Miriam Koreen and Marija Kuzmanovic 


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