Regional Development

OECD-KDI Workshop: Innovation diffusion across regions and firms


 13 December 2019 9:00-17:00  OECD, CC4

What's the issue?

Inequalities remain a concern for many countries around the world. Numerous rural communities feel being left behind, while many enterprises, in particular SMEs, are not as productive as they could be. Given the fact that innovation is a key determinant of productivity and long-term growth, innovation diffusion across regions and firms is essential to foster inclusive growth by reducing productivity gaps both among regions and firms. 


Why attend?

The workshop aims to bring together academic evidence and practical examples with respect to innovation diffusion both across regions and firms. Its spatial angle is motivated by the fact that geography often plays an important role in defining economic and innovation performance for both firms and regions. In particular, the workshop touches on issues such as regional barriers for SMEs’ productivity, or different innovation diffusion mechanisms in both rural and urban areas. The workshop is part of an OECD workstream to inform policy makers on how to best manage innovation diffusion across regions and firms.



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