Regional Development

6th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative


2-3 November 2015, OECD, Paris

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the Global Water Agenda and to share knowledge on recent water governance projects and research. Breakout sessions discussed expectations and needs to follow-up on the OECD Principles on Water Governance, especially in terms of scaling-up good practices and drawing lessons from pitfalls or traps to avoid. In-depth brainstorming was carried out in smaller groups on the ways forward for the WGI, with strong support from members towards a best practice database and a set of water governance indicators. Participatory modelling on water governance was also pilot-tested to foster lively exchanges on real-life situations to manage water-related trade-offs at catchment level.


PowerPoint presentations:

Towards an SDG Monitoring and Indicator Framework, Fiona Gore, UN-Water GLAAS

Scoping note: OECD Water Governance Indicators, Aziza Akhmouch, OECD

Which Global governance mechanism(s) for water-related SDGs? Gérard Payen, UNSGAB

Results of the 7th World Water Forum's Survey, Danielle Gaillard-Picher, WWC

On the road to the 8th World Water Forum, Paulo Salles, Forum Organising Committee

OECD Report on Water Governance in Cities, Oriana Romano, OECD

Global Water Integrity Outlook, Teun Bastemeijer, WIN

The 2016 Dutch Delta Programme, Ellen van Lindert, Netherlands

Towards a special issue on water governance of “Water International”, Tom Soo, IWRA

CADWAGO project's findings on systemic water governance, Kevin Collins, Open University

A book on "Frontiers of Land and Water Governance in Urban Regions", Thomas Hartmann, Utrecht University

A Reference Guide for Programming accountability in WASH, Hakan Tropp, SIWI

A Governance Assessment guide for drought adaptation, Nanny Bressers

25th Stockholm World Water Week, 22-28 August, Stockholm - Hakan Tropp, SIWI

2nd International Forum of Water Regulators, 7-8 September, London - Carolina Latorre, IWA

2015 OSCE Economic & Environmental Forum on Water Governance, 14-16 September, Prague - Jenniver Sehring, OSCE

"5+5 Water Action Plan in the Western Mediterranean" workshop, 10 September, Madrid - Teodoro Estrela, Spain

1st international Conference on Redrafting Water Governance, 8-9 October 2015, Lisbon - Rui Godinho, APDA

EUROPE-INBO 2015, 21-24 October, Thessalonica - Jean-François Donzier, INBO

Towards an International (UN) Year for Water and Women, Maggie White, Butterfly Effect

WGI Future: Strategy and Programme of Work 2016-2018, Aziza Akhmouch & Delphine Clavreul, OECD

Water Governance in Practice: Participatory Modelling and Simulation, Nils Ferrand, IRSTEA


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