Regional Development

OECD Working Parties on Urban Policy and Territorial Indicators - Joint Workshop



Towards an OECD localised indicator framework for SDGs





9h00-9h30 Opening session




 14 MAY 2019
OECD Conference Centre


Measuring where cities and regions stand against the SDGs (and their national average) is not an end in itself, but primarily a tool for dialogue that can shape better policies across levels of government. To shed light on regional disparities and go beyond the national average reported under the UN Global Indicator Framework, many regions and cities are defining place-specific targets and indicators. However, what is currently missing is a consensual, comparable and standardised localised SDGs indicator framework to benchmark performances within countries and across regions and cities. The OECD localised indicator framework aims to bridge this gap and support public actions in cities, regions and countries. 




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Working papersArticle IISD

 WPTI-WPURB Joint workshop on SDGS

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Opening remarks: 

  • Mr. Joaquim Oliveira Martins | Deputy Director, CFE, OECD

  • Mr. Alessandro Alasia | Chair OECD Working Party on Territorial Indicators

  • Mr. Keith Thorpe | Vice-Chair OECD Working Party on Urban Policy


9h30-10h30 Session 1: The draft OECD localised indicator framework



Mr. Rudiger Ahrend | OECD



  •  Mr. Lewis Dijkstra | DG Regio European Commission


11h00-13h00 Session 2: Global, European and national perspectives



Ms. Aziza Akhmouch | OECD

Short interventions:


14h00-16h00 Session 3: Regional and city perspectives from the pilots



Stefano Marta | OECD

Short interventions:


16h00-17h00 : Discussion and Way Forward



Ms. Aziza Akhmouch | OECD




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