Regional Development

OECD Workshop on the Production of Renewable Energy as a Regional Development Policy in Rural Areas


Montreal, 15 September 2010


Rural is important to the OECD. Rural areas produce key services and products supporting national competitiveness. Rural is also home to a large percentage of OECD population. Nonetheless, globalisation, ageing, depopulation, and issues related to climate change are all factors affecting the sustainability of rural communities. In this context, the production of renewable energy could represent a development opportunity for rural regions.


The OECD, in co-operation with the Government of Québec, organised a seminar to assess the potential impact of renewable energy on rural development in terms of jobs, investment, and empowerment of local communities. The OECD project “The Production of Renewable Energy as a Regional Development Policy in Rural Areas” was launched at the seminar.




9:00-9:30 - Opening address and welcome


9:30-11:00 - Panel 1: Job creation through the production of renewable energy

  • Chairman – Mr. William Tompson, Head of the Regional and Rural Development Programme at the OECD
  • Keynote speaker – Professor David Freshwater, University of Kentucky – powerpoint (430kb)
  • Discussant from Québec - Mr. Robert Sauvé, Deputy-Minister, MRNF
  • Discussant from Puglia – Mr. Luca Limongelli, Head of the Managing Authority; Mr. Antonello Antonicelli, Senior Advisor for Environment
  • Discussant from United States – Ms. Yeshimebet.Abebe, Special Assistant, USDA


Floor open for discussion


11:00-11:30 Coffee break


11:30-13:15 - Panel 2: Regional investment (framework conditions) to promote green growth

  • Chairman – Mr. Andrew Noseworthy, Senior Advisor, Energy Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • Keynote speaker – Professor John Bryden, Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute –  powerpoint (250kb)
  • Discussant from the Province of Fryslân - Mr. Nienk Hoepman, Programme Manager, Mr. Simon Tijsma, Head of the Department of Economics Recreation and Tourism
  • Discussant from Abruzzi – Mr. Giovanni Chiodi, President of Abruzzi, Mrs. Iris Flacco, Regional Energy Agency
  • Discussant from the Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordregio) – Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Senior research fellow at Nordregio


Floor open for discussion


13:15-14:30 Lunch


14:30-16:30 - Panel 3: The governance of renewable energy (how to pass regional reform)

  • Chairman – Representative of the Provincial Government of Québec (TBC)
  • Keynote speaker – Professor Ralph Sims, Massey University – powerpoint (4mb)
  • Discussant from Extremadura – Mr. Guillermo Cobos, CIEMA
  • Discussant from Scotland – Mr. Bruce Beveridge, Rural Communities
  • Discussant from Prince Edward Island – Mr. Brian Schmeisser, Rural Development, Prince Edward Island


Floor open for discussion


16:30-17:00 Coffee break


17:00-17:30 - Conclusion and final remarks


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