Regional Development

Building Resilient Regions after a Natural Disaster: Abruzzo 2030


17 March 2012

The forum discussed priorities for a regional development strategy to regenerate the region and economy of L’Aquila after the 2009 earthquake. Discussions included members of the local community, all levels of government and relevant institutions.

A strong momentum for change was built through the meeting. Experts from Japan, New Zealand, Turkey and United States shared their experiences of redevelopment of regions after a natural disaster. The OECD report (under preparation) Building Resilient Regions after a Natural Disaster: The case of Abruzzo is an opportunity to build a network of regions hit by natural disasters to exchange practices for policy-making.

The Forum was chaired by Minister Fabrizio Barca.  Prime Minister Mario Monti joined the Forum together with Francesco Profumo, Minister for Research, Education and Innovation, as well as Anna Maria Cancellieri, Minister of Interior. Over 300 people representing local and regional institutions, including the President of the Region Abruzzo and the Mayor of L’Aquila, the University, business sector and civil society attended this forum.

The Forum is part of an ongoing study carried out in collaboration with the University of Groningen and commissioned by the Department for Development and Economic Cohesion in the Ministry of Economic Development (National Operational Program “Governance and Technical Assistance ERDS 2007 – 2013) and the Comitato Abruzzo (Business Association and Unions). The study Buidling resilient regions: Practices and lessons for policy making will be completed in December 2012.

Building Resilient Regions - Conference Issue paper English  Italian


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OECD work on L’Aquila

Building Resilient Regions after a Natural Disaster: The case of Abruzzo - Publication (2013)
This publication provides evidence-based recommendations on rebuilding regions in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The work builds on post-disaster experiences in Japan, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States.

L'Aquila Earthquake: Re-launching the Economy (Workshop, 2009)
This workshop held on 3 July 2009 examined policy options for relaunching the economy of the Aquila region after the earthquake.



OECD work on Risk Management



Forum Programme

Welcoming address:

  • Lucia Votano, Director, INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso

Opening remarks:

  • Sabina De Luca, Head, Department for Development and Cohesion Policy, Ministry of Economic Development, Italy
  • Fabio Spinosa Pingue, President, Comitato Promotore del Progretto


Session 1: Improve Business Networks, Upgrade Skills and Strengthen Connections between University and Business


  • Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Head Regional Development Policy Division, OECD
  • Simona Iammarino, London School of Economics, United Kingdom


  • Mario Calderini, Professor Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Paul Dalziel, Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand


Session 2: Unlock the potential of the natural environment, cultural heritage and sustainable resources


  • Matthias Ruth, Professor Maryland University, United States
  • Frank Vanclay, Professor University of Groningen, Netherlands


  • Antonio Calafati, Professor Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
  • Emin Yaşar Demirci, Secretary General, Eastern Anatolia Development Agency Turkey


Session 3: Governance: A New Pact to Overcome Fragmentation, Build Public Knowledge and Foster Community Engagement


  • Claire Charbit, Deputy Head Regional Development Policy Division, OECD
  • Andrés Rodriguez-Pose, Professor London School of Economics, United Kingdom and IMDEA, Spain
  • Riccardo Scarpa, Professor University of Waikato, New Zealand and Marco Valente, Professor University of L’Aquila - Presentation of forthcoming public survey on long-term development opportunities for Abruzzo


  • Kazuko Ishigaki, Deputy Director, Policy Research Division, General Policy Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japan)
  • Allison Plyer, Deputy Director, Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, United States.


Reporting of the options considered in the Forum:

 Monica Brezzi, Head, Regional Analysis and Statistics, Regional Development Policy Division, OECD, and Philip McCann, Professor, University of Groningen Netherlands

Reactions to the preliminary conclusions of the project:

  • Massimo Cialente, Mayor of L’Aquila
  • Antonio Del Corvo, President of L’Aquila Province
  • Giovanni Chiodi, President of Abruzzo Region
  • Mario Marcel, Deputy Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD 
  • Fabrizio Barca, Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Italy
  • Francesco Profumo, Minister of Education, University and Research, Italy

Concluding remarks:  Mario Monti, Prime Minister, Italy